• How long does the process of creating a custom formulation take?
  • The whole process would take approximately 1 month and a half.

    The first step would be discussing TOGETHER the ingredient list.

    After that, I will put together a preliminary ingredients list for your revision. Once confirmed, we are all set! I will take care of ordering all the raw materials I need (at no additional cost for you) and create the first prototype. 

    After you receive the sample, you can either approve it (:)) or request a modification. 

    You have 2 revisions included in the quote I provide you.

    Want to launch within 3 months? No problem , I can accomodate rush orders.

  • What does the quote you provide include?
  • Quotes usually include: the creation of a custom formula and a physical sample, 2 additional revisions, shipping within the U.S, the detailed description of the manufacturing procedure (videos available upon request), tips on finding raw materials suppliers.

    Also, for the time we'll be collaborating, you'll have unlimited FREE email consultation with me.​ This means I will share my knowledge and industry insights with you.

    Stability tests are not included, but I can take care of them upon request.

  • Can we meet in person if I live in the L.A area?
  • As long as the meeting has a clear purpose and fixed duration, I am available to meet.

  • Do you offer on-site consultation? I am a small business owner who needs to set up the warehouse to accomodate cosmetics manufacturing.
  • Yes. I can come to your warehouse and we can work together on launching your business.

  • Are you able to formulate using only "natural" ingredients?
  • Absolutely. I've been doing this for years now and found great natural replacements for synthesis ingredients. Contact me for more details.

  • How much does it cost?​​​​
  • Formulation services start from $2,000 (includes what mentioned above)


Every situation is different and requires to be fully understood before proceeding. Share with me your project or idea and we'll talk about it.